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Thread: Current Troops Shielded from Pay Changes

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    Current Troops Shielded from Pay Changes

    The President has instructed the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission to ensure they do nothing to alter the current retirement system for those already serving, retired or in the process of retiring. In addition to looking at pay and retirement benefits, the president told the commission to look at every aspect of compensation, from healthcare to the current military promotion system.

    For complete article click below:

    Obama Outlines Mil Pay and Retirement Guidelines | TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    I would hope so...
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    It could be worse.
    Thank you so much for that link!
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    I believe this is only Obama's recommendation and that all military pay changes go through Congress. I guess technically he could veto something, but that's probably unlikely. Unless the process for this is different than other military pay issues, this definitely doesn't mean that their final recommendation (or what is ultimately adopted) will reflect these things.

    And frankly, I think that's okay. We need to start saving money ASAP, and exempting all current service members from any changes means we won't see any meaningful changes for 20 years. I think changes need to keep in mind promises and expectations, but I think there are plenty of part-rating systems that would not be unreasonable or unfair. And I say that as someone whose DH plans to do at least 20 and is well on his way there, so this would definitely affect us.
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    Thank goodness! The fiscal changes should be for people who know what they're getting into (in terms of signing up knowing about decreased pay) rather than people who joined under different conditions and are attempting to maintain a particular standard of living or the people who are already completely retired and have no more years left in a full work force.
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    Not very original. Who was proposing they alter retirement for active duty folks?

    The Bottom Line - Change Military Retirement - Are You Crazy? : MOAA

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    Wait, I'm confused. It looks to me like they're saying that changes in RETIREMENT won't affect current members. The other changes in pay, services, and benefits all sound like they will affect current folks.

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