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Thread: post-EAS prescriptions?

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    post-EAS prescriptions?

    This might be a really stupid question, but

    DH is in the process of VEERPing, and if his package is approved, he'll EAS on the 1st of October. My question is... I just got a new prescription for a year of BC in... March? When he gets out, will it be valid? Like... will I be able to just transfer it to a pharmacy at home and continue to fill it? Obviously, I won't be covered through TRICARE, but I have my parent's insurance. I'm just wondering whether I'll need to go back to the doctor or if I'll be able to finish my year.
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    you should be able to just transfer it and change the billing info.
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    Yes, the prescription is in no way tied to his service. It doesn't matter who issued it. As long as it is a valid prescription, you can transfer it to another pharmacy or keep it at the same pharmacy (if it isn't military) and pay with different insurance or out of pocket.
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