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Thread: BAH Rate

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    BAH Rate

    Me and my Husband got married while he is in AIT does anyone know what bah rate we will get. When we applied they told us because I lived at his home or record and that I did not live at his AIT place that we would get BAH for there but today we were told we would get it for Where his AIT is even though I am not there.

    Please any insight would be greatful.
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    You 'should' get it for where you are currently living.

    Spouses generally don't go to AIT with the member.

    You 'should' get BAH for where you are, plus separation pay.

    Is there a problem with his pay check?

    Mind you, it can take 6-8 weeks for BAH to kick in, so you may not have even seen it yet. BAH will get back paid to the date of marriage.

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    It could go either way depending on how long his AIT is. If it's long enough where they'd pay for you to move they generally give the BAH for the location. Otherwise it should be where you're at.
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    how long has he been at AIT and how long does he have left?

    this will help determine which BAH rate he is entitled to.

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