Military Report - AF Registers Children for MiCare

AF Registers Children for MiCare

Week of May 20, 2013

The Air Force Medical Service is now registering children in its web-based secure messaging health application, MiCare, which allows beneficiaries to communicate securely and privately with their health care teams anywhere and anytime. Pediatric patients are registered via a request to the clinic by the parent or guardian after they have first registered themselves in MiCare. The medical home accepts the pediatric patient after the parent or guardian has enrolled the child to their MiCare account. The secure tool is now available to more than 70 percent of Air Force bases, with the expectation it will be fully implemented AF-wide by the end of the year. For more information on how to register in MiCare, visit Air Force Surgeon General - MiCare, telephone 1-866-Relayme (735-2963) or visit your local clinic.

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