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Thread: Durable Medical Equipment question

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    Durable Medical Equipment question

    Just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head...

    I have a DME that has a one year warrenty, which would expire in May. It just broke, so I could get it replaced. However, there is now an upgraded version that I was planning to submit to tricare in May when the warrenty is up (I would need a new one either way at that time, regardless of if the new version were available or if I were just replacing the old).

    I am just wondering if due to the change over on April 1st of Triwest to United, if that is like the same thing as a civilian changing insurance and getting a new device paid for before the warrenty is up. The reason I ask is it seems wasteful to get a replacement device that I am only going to use for about six weeks before getting the upgraded version anyway.
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    No clue but bump in hope someone appears from the crickets!
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    In the change of insurance info I got in the mail it said everything would still be under the same fiscal year etc. Worth putting in for the new on though and seeing what happens I think.

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