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Thread: Tricare covering surgery?!

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    Tricare covering surgery?!

    How do I look into what Tricare covers as far as surgeries? I am wanting to get labiaplasty, for reasons other than cosmetic. It isn't "that bad" & I'm married and DH loves me the way I am , so I don't really care as far as the cosmetic side of it. I'm really just tired of feeling uncomfortable (physically). Some insurances cover it as a procedure that is needed, and then some say it's cosmetic. Who do I talk to about that? Do I make an appointment with my PCM and discuss it, or do I call Tricare directly to ask? Make a consultation with a surgeon first? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! I'd honestly feel kind of silly calling up Tricare and speaking with a phone consultant about vagina surgery, when they have nothing to do with that . I'd like to just talk to whoever I have to talk to, directly.
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    I would start by talking with my PCM and ask from there

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    You'll need to start with your PCM. You need to go through all other avenues that are out there. It all needs to be coded in correctly for Tricare to cover it.
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    seriously the best thing to do is see your gyn or PCM and talk to them about the surgery.

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