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Thread: Going to a ship and not getting DLA?

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    Going to a ship and not getting DLA?

    So it seems there are questions even between commands as to whether DH will get DLA or not.

    We decided for him to geo-bach in So Cal. We didn't go with and were told by the detaching command that because he is going to a ship unaccompanied, he does not get DLA at all. Or if he chose to get a place out in town, only THEN would they pay DLA and he'd have to get a letter from the command?

    He checked in this past week and PSD at the new command was even confused by that because DH is still dislocating from his previous base. We plan for him to live on the ship till he gets settled with work & maybe then get him a place after the next deployment.

    I guess we will find out later this week... but what has your experience been? Should he get DLA?
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    this is true. DLA is not paid for single members who will live in the barracks or on a ship, nor is it paid to married GEO members who move into the barracks or onto the ship.

    let me get the info from the JFTR.

    8. I'm making a PCS move but not moving my dependent. Am I eligible for DLA?

    Yes - as a general rule you receive DLA at the without-dependent rate if you don't occupy Government quarters at your new permanent duty station. Please see JFTR, Chapter 5, Part G for more information

    the ship = gov quarters
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    Sounds right. DH didn't get DLA when he PCS'd to Korea because he was in the dorms. If he had to live off base then he would have got it.
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    Dh was not authorized DLA when he geo'bached since he lived on the ship at first. It was decomming and he wound up having to move off the last 6mo but was still not authorized any additional funds.
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    Op, if you think about it, DLA is supposed to cover things like fees to set up utilities, and costs that are associated with moving into a new place. Living on a ship is pretty much just bringing your stuff into the room and putting sheets on the bed. There are no expenses associated with setting up a ship "house". That's why they don't pay it in that situation--because the things it is meant to cover don't exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buggystevenson View Post
    Glad I found this forum! I am in a similiar situation: PCS'd to a ship, dependents were authorized to travel but in my particular situation it was better to leave my family where they were at. I shipped out a couple boxes through the Navy warehouse to my new residence I had already set up in San Diego.

    I drove to San Diego straight to my new residence out in town (rented a room at a house) and checked in on the ship a few days later. My detaching PSD said I was authorized Single DLA and I received that as part of my advance travel pay. After checking onboard the ship and doing my travel claim the ship's pay department said that I was not authorized DLA at the single rate due to the fact that I have a rack onboard the ship. The DLA that I received was subsequently taken out of paycheck.

    My arguement is that per the JFTR I am considered without dependents. And under Part G, Section 2, para 11 I feel that I am authorized DLA at the single rate. The ship does not concur with my interpretation however.

    I am now in the process of filling out a waiver to get the money back and wanted to know if anyone had an concrete evidence to support my case

    Many thanks!
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