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Thread: Reserve Benefits

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    Reserve Benefits

    What are the perks of joining the reserves? DH and I have talked about it here and there about my attempting to join the AF Reserves (or possibly Army) as a Mental Health Specialist (the name is different depending on the branch) b/c it would be potentially "credentialing" for wanting to work with veterans and getting my foot in the door to do the work I long to do.

    Dh said he'd support my decision, but he also said he didn't think there were any real perks to joining... as in, paying back student loans, or medical etc... So I"m doing my research.
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    tricare is 200 a month for a family. and is like AD tricare standard.
    you would have limited base privledges commisary exchange ect.
    but no as far as I know there is no student loan payback, no bonuses ect.
    you would get your base pay for 2 days a month and 2 weeks a year.

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