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Thread: Help me Sign Up

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    Help me Sign Up

    Does anyone know where I go to transfer my tri-care from San Diego to here in Va Beach? Does my hubby need to be with me to do this? I wanted to get this done by the end of the week. TIA
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    I know my friend was able to transfer hers and her daughters herself. You just need to go to the Tricare office and put in a request for your records and get them to enroll you there. I can't remember, but you may need a copy of his orders too!
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    When we moved from Il I just went to the tri-care office at McDonald Army Hospital in Newport News Va and it was done. If your in Va Beach Oceana has a clinic but I am not sure if it has a tri-care office. Portsmouth should. call tri-care to be sure.
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    Going to the Tricare office at the hospital in Portsmouth would be the fastest. I know the base on Little Creek has a tricare service center, but they will just tell you to go to Portsmouth if you want it done faster. You can fill out the form and mail it in or just drive it to Portsmouth and it will be taken care of that day.

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