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Thread: Transferring GI Bill?

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    Question Transferring GI Bill?

    DH told me tonight that when he comes home next year that he'd like to transfer his GI benefits to me for school. I was wondering if anyone knows any more information about it and how we would go about doing it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    we're in the middle of it right now. So far, dh had to fill out the application and then request to transfer. dh had served 9 years but only had 3 left on his contract so he had to extend or reenlist for at least one more year so that he had at least 4 years on his contract. Now I need to fill out something, which is what I should be working on this week, but I'm a fabulous procrastinator ()
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    My DH transferred his and I'm using it now for classes. He had to have at least 6 years and retention for 4 years (he had to re-enlist and sign paperwork even though he had 16 years in). The school I wanted to go to helped with all the paperwork and made it pretty easy. First he had to fill out paperwork to transfer benefits, then I had to fill out paperwork to use the benefits, then the school sent in paperwork to request the money.
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    def check out the link, the biggest thing is that the member must have 6 years in and commit to 4 more in order to transfer to a dependant.
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    I see that your dh is ARNG? Check this link: GI Bill | Education Benefits | NATIONAL GUARD
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