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Thread: ANG additional Drill requirements

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    ANG additional Drill requirements

    My DH has been a traditional reservist for 10 years with a 6 year seperation in the middle of it. He did the first 6 years as AF reserves and the last 3 have been ANG. His current unit isn't exactly well run and there is a large percenage of A1C's. They just released the new drill calendar and there are a required additional 22 days this year. In the form of days before and after his normal UTA weekend. He has done it annual tour for this year but can cover some of the other days with AT days next year so that leaves about 12 days he will need to use vacation from his regular job to go and work at the base. So for us that means no vacation or sick days this year.

    The unit stinks at issuing orders so we will get them about 12 hours before he is supposed to be there with no time to process them through the offices at the real job. He can take unpaid military leave but we really can't afford to do that.

    Anyone ever heard of traditional reservists being told they must drill more than there standard commitment for a year. He just got back from a deployment so we were hoping for a year with just the basic commitment. Not sure how you are supposed to hold down a regular job when you need 22 additional days off??? Any thoughts?
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    My DF is ANG, he was saying that atleast here in CA they are moving toward longer AT, from two weeks to seven weeks. Because they are preping for deployment his normal drill weekends have also increased from two days to up to two weeks. Luckilly for us he took time off of work to finish his masters degree, I cant imagine any empolyer would be too happy giving that much time off. It's frustrating for sure.

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