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Thread: Tricare now that I've moved?

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    Tricare now that I've moved?

    I'm on tricare prime right now. I never called tricare when I moved back to Florida from Hawaii, I need to, right?

    If I'm going to civilian doctors, is standard better than prime? What is the difference?

    I know literally nothing about this and my husband isn't helping lol. TIA
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    I dont live near base and I have prime. I had to call tricare to have them tell me what doctors were in my network or which ones to go to.
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    you do need to change regions, if you moved someplace where there is an MTF you will be assigned to Prime and will be required to use the MTF unless there is no space avail.

    you can go standard and be able to see anyone you want when you want. but there are out of pocket costs, I have standard and love it, I rarely get sick so standard works well for me.
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    tricare told me to call TriSouth when i get to florida to change my PCM from my one here to one there that will work wtih tricare prime. if i dont, they very well could start sending me bills even if the doctor i see takes tricare prime
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    If you're living 40+ miles from a base, you'll be able to see a civilian provider while on Prime if you want. I went to their website and chose our providers before I even called so it would go a bit more quickly. It's also not a bad idea to call the provider and double check that they can see you as a patient too. The last time we switched, the kids and I were randomly assigned a PCM that didn't accept any patients under 55. It was annoying.
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    WHen we weren't by a base we had Tricare remote and did everything with civillian doctors. That was 4 years ago though.
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