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Thread: staying on TriCare pass 25

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    staying on TriCare pass 25

    Hello, my son is 25 about to turn 26 and he works for me in our family business. I was wondering if there are anyway that I can keep him on for a extra year or two. He was in a special-ed class and does have adhd and also has have a knee problem for over 6years with 3 surgery's is there anyways to keep him on for a little while longer?
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    That's a question you need to be asking tricare
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    Probably not. 26 is the very end I believe. Call Tricare to see if an exception can be made.
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    It depends, if he is still dependent because of his medical condition you might be able too. I know there were some exceptions if the child was disabled and unable to work, but I dont know your situation. You could call and ask
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    I know friends of ours were fighting hard to keep their dd on Tricare past 21. She is has Schizophrenia, bi-polar, and something else. She is unable to go to school or live independently. They were unable to. She is on Medicaid now I think.

    I would look into though, and make sure you have time to file for the expecption, ask for waivers, etc.
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    Not that I know of, but Tricare would be the one to ask.
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