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Thread: Tricare help!

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    Tricare help!

    I currently have Tricare Standard, but will switched to Prime on July 1st (I enrolled in prime after the 20th). So my first question is, if I need to see a doctor this week and have already picked a PCM, could I call and see if I can make an appointment with her, even though I don't technically have Prime yet? Or has anyone ever done this before?

    I've called around a few places, but they don't take standard only prime and tricare for life. And when I look up the list of Tricare Standard doctors in my area, they are listed at GP but are really radiology or oncology
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    I would call the TriCare office for your region and get their help. I do not know if you can see your soon to be Prime PCM now without out of pocket expense, but you can see a doctor. You just need to make sure you follow the rules.

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    Are you saying your PCM you have picked out only takes Prime and not Standard?
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    with prime you need to use the local MTF and need referrals to see specialists. you cannot just call a dr and go see them ( unless your prime remote) Do you have a MTF within 60 miles from you?

    I really have a hard time believing the doctors don't take standard. it pays more, it is easier for them to file and there are no refferal paperwork to do.

    I have been on standard for a year and I have never found a doctor refuse Standard.

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