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Thread: Calling all ladies, experiences with Tricare and weight loss!

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    Calling all ladies, experiences with Tricare and weight loss!

    Hello all! I am wondering about everyone's experiences with military doctors/tricare and appointments about weight loss. A little background on me: In the last 4 years I have lost over 100 pounds, I went from 272 down to about 155 the first time before I let my hair down and went on maintenance. (Note: I'm only 5'3 and need to be closer to 130 to look and be a healthy weight) I went for the next couple of years after my initial loss yo-yo ing between 155 and 185. Whenever I got back in the gym and reeled in my diet I could easily lose 3 pounds a week and get back to where I was. I started back again about 2 months ago at 183 and I have been doing everything right, counting calories, fat, sugar, carbs and working out 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I have only lost 7 pounds and have been stuck at 176 for 3 weeks now! For me, this is not normal. I know that everyone plateau's and that weight loss eventually slows down, but a dead stop so soon for me for this long is NOT normal. I am hesitant to make a doctors appointment because I don't know how they will treat me. I don't want weight loss medication, surgery, or anything like that. I don't need a dietician either because I know in my heart and in my food journal that I am doing all the right things. What could they possibly do or suggest? Has anyone else had a similar experience or made an appointment about losing weight that can tell me how their doctor handled their situation or what they suggested. My biggest fear is just being brushed off and told to keep trying because I KNOW something is not right. I don't know what, but it is just not. Please let me know ladies if you can offer any insight as to what I can expect at this type of appointment. Thanks!
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    I would go see a doctor honestly. Especially if something isn't right. There are about a million things that it could be. I would push hard for getting blood work done to check your hormone levels and you thyroid.

    Hope this helps

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