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Thread: Family Sep?

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    Family Sep?

    DH still hasn't received any of his family separation money.
    He's been gone since February 3rd & almost everyone has already started to receive it. We're getting a little annoyed because it's never taken this long. I checked mypay for him & it's not coming in the next paycheck like he thought it would.

    Should he speak to someone about it or just continue to be patient?

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    Dh says you should have him talk to his PS
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    He needs to talk to the S1. We still haven't seen any of his sep pay from the Iraq deployment and we're PISSED. He's filed with the S1 THREE times. The S1 keeps putting the paperwork through, but whomever he's giving it to is NOT processing it. Tell him to keep on it until it's fixed. If DH had taken care of it in Iraq, we might have gotten that money.
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    He should definitely speak with someone. I hope you guys get it soon.
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    its best to go talk to the finance. maybe somehow his trail got mixed up and they need to make sure its activated. good luck, hopefully it will be on the next check.

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