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Thread: Please HELP!

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    Help Please HELP!

    I'm needing help for a situation I know absolutely nothing about, so I figured I would ask here first since this seemed more reliable than Yahoo or Google.

    My finance is an em3 in Yokosuka, Japan. He's coming home on leave in a few weeks (like literally 2) and we are thinking about getting married. What all paperwork does he have to file before he comes home? To me it just doesn't make sense that he has to file ot before he leaves, but then again, not much in the Navy does.

    We are only going to get to be together for 4 days and we kinda want to make this happen. I'm not moving to Yokosuka, I'm staying in the States. I wouldn't be around to get a military id, so how would that all work out?
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    I think whether he needs to tell them varies. DH had to let his command know that he was planning to get married on leave, there was no actual paperwork though.

    You would need to go to the closest military base to get an ID card.
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    I think once you have the paperwork, you can go to any military base and get an ID. It wouldn't have to be on Yokosuka.

    I'm at a Navy base near Yokosuka and I know that in DH's command sailors sometimes, if not always, do have to inform the command before they marry. What has to happens depends on a lot of factors. Really though, he should to talk to admin and they will know exactly what he needs.
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    You can get an ID on any base once he fills out the DD1172. He should tell his command he is getting married, just so they are aware of it. He will have to put you in DEERS and all that jazz once he gets back to Japan, and he'll need time to do that.

    I don't think there is anything he needs to file in regards to the marriage. But be sure to check the laws in your state, many require 3 days waiting after getting marriage license (texas will waive this with active duty ID)

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    It will be in North Carolina. I did check and there isn't a waiting period. At first he was telling me that he had to file paperwork before he left and wouldn't have time to fill it out before he leaves. I don't know where he got this info from, but I dont think he talked to command, is what I'm getting. He forgot to ask today, so hopefully he'll remember to ask.

    Thanks everyone for keeping my spirits up you guys. We've been together for the past 9 years. Kinda anxious. And believe it or not, it was a spontaneous decision while I was moping about my job. I wanted to quit my job and move to Japan with him. I sent him a text and asked if I could and he told me yes, which shocked me. He's generally my voice of reason and usually tells me no. Lol. I decided to push it and set a date on his leave, and he told me yes. I had to ask if he was serious and he was sober, and the answers were both yes. It was an amazing feeling. Lol
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    When you do get your license signed by the JOP (or whoever you have marry you) you may need to get it from them and take it down to the courthouse to have it recorded. When DH and I got married we were told it was going to take a couple weeks because they keep it and give it to whoever, who eventually takes it to the courthouse, and then it can take a couple weeks for them to process. The JOP wasnt going to let us do it until we explained our situation (DH was already in the process of joining-prior service with not enough time out of service to make him redo any training- and needed it to be in his paperwork right away so he could get orders with me on them) and they input it pretty quickly so we were done, with the official proof we needed within like an hour.
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    he cannot do anything before you get married- and since he is petty officer he does not need to tell the command he is getting married.

    he will need a form ( which he can pick up and bring with him) that he will need to fill out and take with him when he puts you into the system-
    and for that you will need your birth certificate, SS card and marriage license.
    you can do this at any base even a reserve base.

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