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Thread: New to Tricare, need help

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    Question New to Tricare, need help

    Is there a place(I've searched and fail>.<) that says what Tricare covers and that it doesn't? So that I know and then can go about figuring out how to do different things?
    I ask because before I was seeing a few different doctors for preventive care because of genetics and I'm on a few different perceptions and I don't know what I'll be able to continue and what I won't.
    My biggest is if they cover perceptions your already on(My big one is Birth control) or if I'll have to get a new one. This month is almost out and I have my old insurance for a few more days so I need to know how to plan and what to do.

    Thank you all in advance for your help! I'm kinda lost in this and don't like it.

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    Welcome to TRICARE, your Military Health Plan

    Check the Tricare website out.
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    Most doctors will rewrite your prescription for you if you change insurances. Also get in with a PCM ASAP and they can help you out (if you're on Prime) to get everything set up.

    I've never had issues with Tricare covering stuff, only with doctors offices billing things wrong so they wouldn't.
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    tricare covers most everything that any other insurance covers.

    go to the link provided for the best info.
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    f you have specific questions, call the 1-888-*** number and ask them. If you get a PCM right away, they can help you as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andreacn View Post
    Welcome to TRICARE, your Military Health Plan

    Check the Tricare website out.
    You can also find elgibility on here, and co-pays for things, if you have them.

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