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Thread: College help

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    College help

    So my DB and I are planning on getting married upon his return from deployment. I am currently planning on finishing out this school year at the college I am attending then transferring to California somewhere close to base. What benefits does the Marine Corps offer Military spouses? I know about the GI Bill but is there anything else? Will I be considered a resident of California?
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    Check out Mycaa its 4000 and you don't have to do much to get it. I got it and it was pretty easy
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    Mycaa, yes you're considered a resident but you might have to show your name on his orders and that could be a problem if he's already stationed there, and you can't use his gi bill until he's in for a certain amount of time.

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    for the MYCAA- it does have limits and is not intended for "college" but for certification programs and licensing.
    you can google MYCAA for program info-
    this is also limited to spouses of certian ranks, it is not available to ALL AD spouses anymore.

    the GI bill transfer is limited to servicemembers who have been in 6 yrs and commit for 4 more.

    there are other non- military affiliated grants and scholarships avail.
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    If you are continuing your education, then look into the GI Bill. It'd be your best option more than likely. MyCAA is for those that haven't started or are re-starting in something different. MyCAA is only really good for certifications or a 2yr degree.

    Also, once you do become married, you can go to the Education Office on the base which you two will be stationed at

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