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Thread: retired dependent - tricare benefits

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    retired dependent - tricare benefits

    My daughter is 19, she is in school college full time, she needs new military ID card (expiring soon), and DEERS - tricare enrollment form signed (needs reverification in March).
    FATHER; retired (27 years in USN), refuses to sign anything for her medical benefits. He is non responsive to emails or conversation.
    ME; "DB" ID CARD holder.
    My question: does father HAVE to provide medical insurance (tricare)?
    How do I get him to reverify her and sign papers?
    Thank you very much.
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    I doubt that once she's 18 that he has to do anything unfortunately. I hope you can get through to him.
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    Are you and the father married?

    If not what is in the divorce decree/child support order in regards to insurance for said child.
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    Has she tried to talk to him about this? Maybe he would be more responsive to her. If he's only paying for single Tricare, or only has TRICARE standard (which doesn't cost him anything) then him signing her up would cost him money (if he put her on Prime). He would have to either sign up for Prime and/or switch from single to family.

    If you are divorced, what does the divorce decree say about insurance for children? If it says he must provide then I would go to your attorney and have him file paperwork to compel your ex to fulfull his responsibility.

    If it's not in writing, you may have to provide insurance for your daughter some other way.

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    Call a Tricare benefit advisor and explain the situation. There is a way to go around the service member if they are being a jerk. You may have to pay the fees though. I know someone who had to deal with a very similar situation. She kept her kids on Tricare but had to pay the fees out of her own pocket.

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