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Thread: MetLife taking TDP from United Concordia

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    MetLife taking TDP from United Concordia

    Had anyone else heard of this?

    I was just doing some Google and found an article about United Concordia loosing the Tricare Dental Program to MetLife TRICARE Dental Program Contract Awarded

    TRICARE Management Activity is awarding the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) T-3 contract to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Inc. The contract provides for worldwide, comprehensive dental care coverage to enrollees including family members of Uniformed Service active duty personnel and to members of the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve and their eligible family members. Approximately 1.9 million beneficiaries are currently enrolled in the premium-based TDP worldwide.

    Dental care under the new contract begins May 1, 2012, following a 12-month transition period.

    The TDP contractor will manage enrollment and member utilization of diagnostic and preventive services, provider networks, claims processing, customer service and access to data, while providing beneficiary satisfaction at the highest level possible through the delivery of world-class dental care.

    The new contract features new benefits and enhancements including:
    An increase in the annual maximum from $1,200 to $1,300
    An increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum from $1,500 to $1,750
    Coverage of posterior resin (white) fillings
    Additional $1,200 maximum per year for services related to accidents/injuries
    No cost shares for some periodontal services for diabetics
    Coverage of an additional cleaning for women during pregnancy
    First-year premiums below current rates

    Here is more info

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    Huh, haven't seen that! I need to get my wisdom teeth out, and was planning on doing it in late December/early January. I guess it shouldn't matter much whether I still do it then, or once they transitioned over (unless I missed something...)

    Cool? Idk. I just got enrolled in October, so I don't know all the in & outs of it yet.

    You're welcome.
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    Yeah. I thought I posted it a while ago. I'm excited. I pay a lot for fillings because most dentists in my area don't even offer silver fillings at all anymore and I have to pay the difference (usually about $100/tooth from the UC allowed amount and my dentists charge).
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    I hadn't heard this but that is kind of exciting. Most dentists ONLY do white fillings now and it's costly to pay the difference. I've been meaning to go in before my pregnancy is over but it's still so expensive it's nice to see they will cover an extra in pregnancy too.

    Curious to see how that pays out. Hopefully our monthly payment amount stays the same (or goes down )
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    I didn't know it was changing ownership, but I did know that the white fillings would be covered as of 2012, which is why I have been putting off going in until December so they don't make me come back for fillings before then
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    Very exciting I paid a lot out of pocket this year for the difference in silver to white fillings for our family!
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    Ah, that explains why it said the contracts runs through April 30, 2012 when I logged on to check something the other day. Does that mean the benefits year will start on May 1, as opposed to Feb. 1 like now? I wonder if I could use up my $1200 by April, then have a full $1300 until the next April?

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