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Thread: "long-distance" marriage??

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    I'm in Houston (by way of Detroit), He's in San Antonio!!

    "long-distance" marriage??

    If you live in the same state that your DH is stationed in, but a few hours away (different city) and he lives on base..... how does that impact his pay and benefits and BAH? I think with deployments spouses can receive BAH to live elsewhere...would that apply just if the spouse wasn't able to move to the duty station?

    I'm not sure if this was the right place to post but was having a conversation about this with family..... My stepbrother (was in Army) had said he thought that BAH was given to spouses if they were close enough for the spouse to "commute"..... but I don't know how accurate that would be?

    Just figured I would get some input...if anyone would know it would be someone on here.....
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    when DH and i got married we got an extra like 150 a paycheck (he lived on base i lived about two and a half hours away)
    ^^for commuting ^^

    I'm not sure if that changes for distance and such....
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    the member is allowed only one BAH regardless of where the spouse lives-
    this BAH is based on his DUTY station location- NOT for where the spouse lives-
    there are no extra allowances when the spouse and member CHOOSE to live apart.
    BUT if your DH lives in the barracks- and you are not recieving BAH this is normal-
    married members are generally not allowed to live in the Barracks for free any more
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    Yeah you shouldnt be getting any BAH because you voluntarily live apart and he still lives in the barracks. If he moves out then he will get BAH for where he is stationed. Im surprised they are still letting him live in the barracks.

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