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Thread: Dental?

  1. Bri
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    So, I'm wondering if enrolling for dental would be worth it. Any inputs?
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    I think it is. If you are AD it comes out of your SO check every month and it's only like $12. It's really decent dental coverage.

    We still have it as Reserves and while we pay a little more for it every month $32 we get all the essentials covered.

    I really just depends on how much you are going to use it I guess.
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    If all you ever need is annual cleanings, I don't find it worthwhile. However, it pays for itself pretty quickly with anything beyond that.
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    IMO no because you can find better dental for cheap that will cover a LOT more. I have military dental and haven't even used it sense I've heard it can cost $400+ easy just to get a tooth pulled. When I had dental coverage before it only cost be $40 to get two teeth pull, get a crown put on, and to get a cavity filled.

    ETA: For me I need thousands in dental work done including reconstruction done to my jaw... So I'll be looking into something that covers more for me what is covered is not worth it because of the amount of work I know I need done and I know better dental way better coverage is available.

    It is better then nothing though so up to you. Just research it I'm sure you can find something affordable that works for you.
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    I have it and it's worth it to me. It covers two cleanings and one set of x-rays a year. It's pretty inexpensive, so I can't really complain too much about what it DOESN'T cover. I need a TON of dental work done and it seems like my kiddos are following in my footsteps. I'd rather have some of it covered than none of it. For what we pay into it, we have definitely gotten our money's worth, but it's definitely not the best dental plan I've ever had either. (The dental plan I had with my former employer was better, but no longer being employed, United Concordia TDP is a good option for me/the kids.)
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    For $12/mo, if you do 2 cleanings a year and 1 xray set, you've already saved yourself some money. Those things alone would be more than $144, which is the cost of 1 years's insurance.

    Then, if you need any work done, you save even more. Yes, you still pay a good amount out of pocket for other work, but the insurance does save you something.

    It's not the best insurance out there, but compared to no insurance at all, it is well worth it.
  7. Bri
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    everyone for your input! I think that I am going to look around for civilian insurance to see if I can get something with a little more coverage. I am looking to get braces sometime in the future, maybe near future, so it seems like that may be a better option for me.
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    yeah, we have UC but I am going to start looking for more comprehensive coverage since we already know our oldest two will be needing braces within the next two-three years.
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    there are very few cost effective dental insurances that cover braces for either adults or kids.
    UCC /metlife covers braces for kids up to 1500 dollars

    we have the UCC/Metlife and have saved thousands of dollars by having them.
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    I think it's worth it. 2 cleanings and a set of x-rays per year, and low co-pays for everything else.

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