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Thread: Submitting tricare claims

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    Question Submitting tricare claims

    Hopefully one of you will know the answer to this before my doc appointment tomorrow lol. When I went in for my pregnancy confirmation I let them know I had switched from prime to standard. She then asked if I had the new insurance information, and I was like well, I'm pretty sure it's all the same information and doesn't effect where you submit it to, it's just different for me as far as payments and such. Am I right? Because she mentioned when I left again to make sure I brought in my new insurance card, and I'm just a bit confused now lol. So the question is, they submit everything to the same office and address (tricare south) regardless of prime or standard status right? They shouldn't have to get any new information from me?

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    I switched from Standard to Prime around...12? Maybe 13 weeks. And they just submitted everything the same way that they always do-- I just had a referral sent in from the hospital by base. But going the other direction, I can't imagine that you would need anything different.

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    well since you don't have an insernce card what that lady was talking about
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    I juat switched from prime to standard and all they needed was my ID card- tell them tricare no longer send out insurance cards.
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    Just your ID card... and if its for pregnancy you should still have no co-payments.

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