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Thread: New army wife needs help!

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    New army wife needs help!

    My ~husband~ and I just got married on August 2nd. He's on leave so we're home in Florida currently and we need to get me enrolled in DEERS and I need a military ID before he returns to Hawaii so he can do all the paperwork etc before I move with him.

    The closest military installation we can do this is in either Miami or Cocoa Beach, and they're both 1.5+ hours from where we live, in opposite directions. What exactly do I need to bring with me to ensure that this gets done right the first time to prevent another trip? The woman we spoke with on the phone at Patrick AFB said we need our marriage certificate, my birth certificate, social security card, and two forms of ID.

    Here are the potential problems: I went to the social security office today to change my name and got temporary documentation of the name change to be used until my new card comes in the mail. So I have social security, I have a drivers license with my maiden name on it (my name won't be updated in the ss system until overnight so I have to wait until Monday to go to the DMV), my birth certificate, and our marriage certificate. Is that enough? I don't have a passport or any other form of photo ID, but does the social security card count as a second form? Will they put my married name on the ID card since it is in the process of being formally changed?

    I realize that these are probably really obvious answers, I just want to make sure I have ALL my bases covered before we go. Any answers at all are really appreciated, I've been googling all of this even before we got married but I'm not coming up with anything specific and I just want to be positive!
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    Congrats - I just got married on July 30th and we spent all of Monday taking care of this stuff. Now the Air Force could be different but I took our marriage certificate, my passport, my birth certificate and my social security paperwork. I didn't give her my DL because she had the passport which is essentially the same. That was all we needed. Now a friend told me to make sure I make an appointment and I am glad I did becuase we watched about 10 - 12 people get turned away who didn't have appointments. I would check to see if you need an appointment before you drive all of that way. When we scheduled the appointment online it gave you the requirements for a marriage and it didn't say anything about needing a DL or Passport with your new name on it, just said a current photo id. Our DMV is closed on Monday's so I didnt have anything with my new name on it other then our marriage cert and my SS paper showing my name change.

    Hope that helps!!
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    As far as I know the SS card won't count as a 2nd form of ID. So you'll need a different form. BUT I'm not 100% on that, so I would call the lady back and ask her what are acceptable forms of identification. Ask her specifically if a [ insert specific form of ID here] is ok to use.
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    It should count as long as you have a photo idea that matches and shows you are you. But yes, call to double check.
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    My SS card counted as my 2nd form of ID. It also doesn't need to have your married name on it. I got my ID a few days after I got married so nothing was changed yet & I was fine.
    I would call to check though. Do you have an old driving permit?

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    When I was enrolled in DEERS I went in with my passport and drivers license along with the marriage certificate (and translation because it was in Japanese) and they made the card right there.
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    We brought my Birth Certificate, social security card, marriage license, and my drivers license. That was everything we needed. It may differ place to place, so be sure to make an appointment and ask the people you are going to see!!

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    Go here:

    There may be a closer ID card facility, and at the top there's also a link that lists the required documents.
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    i think it can differ from every base. when i enrolled i brought my marriage certificate, my ss card, my drivers license and my birth certificate. all of these documents had my maiden name on it therefore the people at DEERS had to put my maiden name on my ID card (i asked them if they could my married name, they told me not until i changed it with social security). i eventually changed my name with ss, had to go back to DEERS and now i have a new ID card with my married name.

    if you already have a receipt from ss stating your new name then that should be ok for DEERS.

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