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Thread: DEERS/Tricare for newborn

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    Question DEERS/Tricare for newborn

    I had a paper with everything I needed to do to have my daughter enrolled in DEERS and in Tricare but I cannot find it anywhere.

    Now I'm lost. I've been googling all over and can't find anything. My husband is deployed.

    I never received DD's birth certificate or social in the mail. It has been two months. So, I'm just going downtown and picking up copies for myself.

    After I do that, next steps, please?
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    I called the county's birth certificate place and they were able to tell me if my dd's BC is there yet or not. Same thing with the SSN. I called the SSN place after like 2 weeks and they looked it up for me in their database over the phone and told me my dd had already secured an SSN, so dh went to the place and the staff printed out the SSN, not the actual card, I think we got both the same day. I can't remember but I think we had to have the birth certificate first before we can get the SSN. We had to show the bc to the ssn place.
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    once you get that stuff you should be able to take it with you (with your POA) to the deers office to get everything taken care of.

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