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Thread: Tripler AMC temp lodging

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    Help Tripler AMC temp lodging

    Hawaii ladies, or others in the know...

    DH is having elective surgery at Tripler in August. Since it is elective, we have to pay our own transportation, lodging, etc for our entire stay. He is required to stay for two weeks following his procedure.

    Anyone have any information on local military lodging or extended stay places that have a kitchen, etc nearby? Will we need to rent a car the entire time? I haven't been to Hawaii so this is all new to me.

    Any advice, money savings tips, local information that anyone can provide, please let me know.

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    That's the website for the hotel at Tripler. If it's anything like the Inn at Schofield you may be out of luck as far as availability is concerned since you're arriving in August. Another recommendation is Navy lodging or the Hale Koa, which is a military resort right on the Waikiki strip (probably about 15-20 minutes from Tripler depending on traffic). Hale Koa is nice but I don't think the rooms have kitchens.

    There is a bus system that runs around Oahu but I would highly recommend renting a car. I've taken the bus maybe once and I can't imagine having to rely on that as my primary method of transportation. Keep in mind if you do stay in Waikiki, like any large/resort city, that parking is expensive.

    Possibly try Priceline and the "Name Your Own Price" deals to see if you can snag something decent. Summer and Winter are peak tourist seasons in Hawaii so the hotel rates will probably be higher. Rental cars are relatively inexpensive, I want to say about $25-30 a day if you look online. If you're under 25 see if you can get a military/government rate because these rates, although higher than web rates, waive the underage rental fees.

    Hope that helps!

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