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Thread: Post 9/11 vs Montgomery

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    Post 9/11 vs Montgomery

    How do we switch to which one DH would like to use?

    After reviewing the benefits, we agreed that the Post 9/11 would be better for him to use (this is for him, I already have my masters). He originally signed up for the standard Montgomery bill but would like to switch. He's on deployment so asked that i look into changing while he starts his work day.

    Any advice?
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    he will need to go to the VA site or to the ED office to get it changed- it is very easy to do-

    however I would suggest he exhaust all AD tuition assistance before using the GI BILL.

    if he is reserve on title 10 orders, he will not get the BAH while on AD.
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    Make Sure

    My hubbs started out with the Montgomery and then transfered to the 9/11. Just make sure you know all the fine print etc. If you stick with the G.I. Bill there is a loop hole to get an extra year of school but, and one of them requires that 50% or more classes must be on campus which can be inconvient if you want to do online. Also, make sure he signs up for FASFA as he will have a 99% chance of getting pell grants.
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    We are currently on Montgomery but will be switching over soon. We were going to keep it at the Montgomery and dh was going to use it to finish his degree after retiring, but we have now decided to switch over so that the kids can benefit from it too, so he is using his AD tuition assistance to finish his BA now.

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