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Thread: Enrolling in DEERS?

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    Enrolling in DEERS?

    I'm recently married and last week we went to DEERS on base to get all the paperwork done. The lady at DEERS sent us off to the Tricare office after we were finished with my ID and stuff. When I got to Tricare the woman there told me that I was automatically enrolled in Tricare Standard. I didnt have to fill out any paperwork or anything. That was it. Is that normal? I'm just so used to filling out paperwork for insurance and found it strange that I didnt have to fill anything out. So has that been your experience too?

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    You would do enrollment paperwork if you want to use PRIME instead of Standard (you can review the info on each and decide which fits your needs by visiting here: Welcome to TRICARE, your Military Health Plan )
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    Usually when you go to the tri care office they ask you if you want tri prime or standard. And than you pick a PC, a primary care doctor. YOu dont fill paper work out you just go and show them you id and talk about your choices for insurance. If you need anything else let me know i hope that helps.
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    Yeah when you're enrolled in deers you automatically get tricare standard but I would suggest upgrading to prime unless you have other insurance that you plan to keep

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