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    i'm on tricare standard.. but my birth control prescription is from my insurance before, and its already sent to the walgreens here. so my question is: can my dh take the prescription on base and pick it up there? even though its on a different insurance? or am i going to have to find a doctor here to give me a new prescription? we pay 10 bucks at walgreens for my prescription since its still coming in through as being covered by my old insurance.. if i tell the pharmacy at walgreens i'm on tricare now, will that void that prescription??? so confused!! TIA!!!
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    We are NG, so we change from Tricare to other insurance regularly. I just go in to Walgreens (Safeway for me) and tell them I now have Tricare, give them my ID and since we are NG a copy of DH orders and they charge the ongoing prescription to Tricare instead of other insurance. No biggie.
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