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Thread: Air Force - counseling benefit?

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    Air Force - counseling benefit?

    We have a few counseling needs in our family... My son who is 12 is depressed about being bullied and picked on at school (and at home by wicked step sisters), his daughter who is 15 is just generally a very mean and angry and rude and manipulative and lazy person, and then marraige counseling...(mostly b/c of his daughter who is 15...) His other daughter who is 13 and my daughter who is 16 could probably benefit too... But my question is this: what type of counseling benefits do you have with tri-care? in the community? on base? with a chaplin? How do I know which to choose and which will be the most anonymous for DH? He isn't 100% on board about us seeing a counselor, but it is a 100% need - so I'd like to be informed before going to him.
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    You get 8 free sessions before having to be referred. You can pick any pshychologist you want and go from there. If you dont like them, go to another, but you can only go 8 times before a referral is required.
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    There are lots of counseling benefits being a military dependent. There's Military One Source, using Tricare approved counselors, Family Readiness Center, Chaplains, etc.

    When I used my very first Tricare approved counselor, I THOUGHT it was 100% confidential, but then when I obtained my medical records from the base clinic prior to a PCS move, I SAW her notes. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn pissed!!!!! But I never experienced that with others. So not sure what happened.
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    For anonymous for your DH, you want to contact the Military Family Life Counselor, who can be reached through the Airman and Family Readiness Center. These counselors work at the base for a short term and then move on, there are no records or files.
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    For complete annominity for your husband I would consider paying out of pocket.

    DH is going of his own free will not ordered but they knew about it from appt one. I don't trust anything on base saying it is 100% anonymous.

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