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Thread: How long did it take

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    How long did it take

    you to get enrolled in Tricare? I'm an idiot (totally regretting this decision) and decided to not reenroll in my benifits because I rarely go to the Dr and the $1000 or so that I would pay before DH goes to boot camp just didn't seem worth it since I probably won't need to go to the doctor in that time. But now I'm getting super paranoid and it's weighing on my mind every day. But there's nothing I can do about it at this point. So now I'm just wondering how long I should expect to be without insurance. How long after he leaves for BCT should it be for me to get enrolled? TIA
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    Well it took about 2 1/2 weeks for me to get the packet with the tricare forms after my DH left to basic. He left Nov. 4th...I got them a couple days before thanksgiving. Once you get them you have to take them to the nearest base hospital/clinic. I actually didnt end up taking them to tricare until Dec 22nd. They said that I could use medical services that are on the military base right away, but if I wanted a civilian dr that it would be like 60 days. I wasnt able to see my civilian Dr. till Feb 1st. Sorry I'm not too much help! But all in all I'd say you should see a tricare packet around the 2 week mark of BCT.

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