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Thread: Switching from Standard to Prime

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    Switching from Standard to Prime

    How does one go about this?
    How much more does it take from his check?
    Is it REALLY that hard to get into military facilities?
    I live a good distance from base, does that have any meaning?

    I think we're going to try to begin getting me figured out, other than just slapping down a prescription for birth control and saying there's your period. I really want to start a family while I'm younger, I've always wanted this. DH is finally on the same page as me. In this case, I think it would end up being cheaper to go with Prime instead of paying out of pocket for copays.

    Thanks in advanced!
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    The place to start is the Tricare office at your base hospital. Tell them you want to switch to Prime and ask them those questions.

    I have never had an issue getting in to see the doctor. Depending on your region, your distance may be enough to qualify you to see a doctor off post. I do not know how much it'll take out of your husband's pay. For me, being on Prime makes life a LOT easier. Right now, I'm not and it makes me nervous.

    Good luck with everything, and make sure you ask them all these questions!
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    I just told the tricare office, and they set it all up for me. I don't think anything is taken out of his pay for it, but to be honest, I have never looked! and mypay is down right now so I can't even check. Every MTF is different, some are busier than others. It's very quick to get seen here, but we are at a pretty small base.

    Oh, and I am using it for infertility treatments, so if you have any questions about that, you can pm me
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