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Thread: VA disability benefits?

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    Help VA disability benefits?

    DH was injured in LOD two years ago. He was told that he would qualify for disability pay through the VA. He has told me of being advised to wait to file for it, as it may hinder his ability to stay in (he's Reserves, fwiw). He's also been told that there is no harm and that he should file for it ASAP.

    Does anybody know the truth? Or can point us in the right direction?
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    It depends on how disabled he is . My husband is 20% and they just enlisted him in the reserves, he had to get waivers though .
    I'm not sure how it works if you are already in the reserves , but I would ask the VA how that works .
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    if he is disabled and he applies for disability right now, it will hinder his being able to remain in the reserves. I would wait it out if he really wants to stay in.

    it is a sucky process we filed for it several years ago and have been on it for about 6 yrs now.
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