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Thread: Space A Travel

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    Space A Travel

    I didn't know where to put this, so I figured this was the best place. But Mod's feel free to move it if needs be.

    So without going into a lot details, my sister is leaving the country for 18 months for our church and won't be able to come home and visit. She leaves in April. Obviously I would like to fly home and see her before she leaves. And let my family see the cute baby bump that I will be sporting!

    I was curious about anyone who has flown Space A, how was it, and was it easy. I will be 6 months pregnant so I'm not sure how excited I am about taking lots of planes home but at this point I'd take what I could get
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    good thing with space A... depending on the type of plane you are on... you can get up out of your seat once its clear and then go and make a bed somewhere and just go to sleep on the ground. Bad thing is with some of the planes... the potty is only seperated by a half wall or a shower curtain type deal.

    They say to dress very warmly.. as most of the planes that people ut. space a with don't regulate the temp. so it can get mighty chilly. Also bring a head lamp or a book light if you plan on reading.. there more than likely wont be a overhead light for you to switch on.

    Other than that it is very cheap and worth it!!!!
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    I've heard good and bad. You just have to be flexible... and make sure there's a plane going to where she'll be at.
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    I've taken space a from McGuire AFB, NJ to Ramstein, Germany. I went with my husband and it was FREE The only thing you had to pay for is the snack box (I don't recommend it, I would suggest you bring snacks with you). I was on a C-17 and everyone was able to sleep on the floor, some people brought thick mats to sleep on. I suggest bringing warm clothing, I froze wearing two sweatshirts, a long sleeve t, and tank (it was June). Bring santizer, since the bathroom is like a portapotty. I suggest getting to the passenger terminal very early so your the first one to check in and that gives you a leg up, of getting onto Space A. They put people into classifications 1 through 6 (I think) and spouses traveling alone I think are categorized as 5 (I was traveling with DH and we were catergorized as 3 b/c he took leave). If there's plenty of room you'll have no prob getting on, otherwise you'll have to wait till the next one, when we were coming back to the states I know people were waiting over a week to get home, so make sure you have plenty of time. Oooo and most times there are no windows. But for the price it is worth it! Good luck!!!

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