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Thread: SO LOST in Tricare?!

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    SO LOST in Tricare?!

    Im super new my husband is finishing up basic in fort sill
    i am enrolled in DEERS and have my military ID card

    im 14 weeks pregnant and need to see a doctor asap
    we cancelled my other insurance
    its new years day so cant call anywhere

    do i have Tricare Standard?
    can i see a doctor i know accepts Tricare?
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    Just google the tricare number for your area (south, west etc) and ask them. Oh and please post an introduction in the newbies forum.

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    Ask your hubby to check his AKO account. It will tell him if you are enrolled in TriCare. If you are officially in Deers than you should have TriCare Standard. However, I would check the AKO just incase.
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    Tricare is confusing I know. I had to go through a PCM change (primary care manager) to change from the South Region while I was away for a few weeks then today had to switch back to the North. Have you seen a doctor prior to your pregnancy? I did and had to bring proof of it, although some will still want to establish it (depends on the doctor). Your husband should be able to tell you if you have standard or prime.
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    Unless the Army is different. By the time you get your paperwork to enroll into DEERS, you are already enrolled into Tricare Standard. You can see any doctor or go to and medical facility that accepts Tricare Standard but you will have to pay out of pocket. Around 10%. If you want the "free" Tricare or Tricare Prime, you will have to switch from standard to prime. Do so before the 20th of the month because if you do your eligibility will be in effect by next month. If you dont, it will be in effect the month after next.

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