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Thread: GI Bill Transfer

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    GI Bill Transfer

    Once the GI Bill benefits are transferred how does it work?

    Is it a dollar amount towards schooling that the government pays directly to the school? (ex: You have $10k to go to school with - no more, no less, no matter what tuition costs)

    Or is it x amount of semesters of any number of credits per semester? (You can go to school 6 semesters and take one credit or 25 credits each semester - either way you get 6 semesters.)

    Are books/class fees covered or is it strictly tuition or fee per credit?
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    the gi bill is set by time- for a total of 36 months ( or what ever is transferred)

    the tuition is for the rate of the instate college .

    as a spouse of an AD member you only get tuition, nothing for books.

    there is a huge FAQ section at their website.
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    If your DH is active duty and you can wait you may want to consider that. They are trying to change some things to the new bill that would allow you to get the book allowance.

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