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Thread: I don't think we are supposed to be receivng this....

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    Confused I don't think we are supposed to be receivng this....

    I looked at the LES for the check that is supposed to be deposited on 12/1 and I saw that he was getting paid for his base pay, FSH and BAH...all three of which we usually get. But then I saw that he is also getting $280 for BAS. ??? I didn't think we were supposed to be receiving that while he was at Basic and AIT? I don't know if it matters, but he is in phase 5 of AIT now.

    He is going to check on it tomorrow or Monday when there are people back in the office to talk to...just thought you ladies might have an answer or have experienced this before.
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    Check in the deductions for "Meal Deduction." If it's there then it's ok.

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