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Thread: Checklists? I like Checklists...

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    Nutts Checklists? I like Checklists...

    So in case you can't tell that I'm getting overwhelmed (lots of posts lately), but I was wondering if the Air Force specifically has a checklist for steps to become a military dependent/spouse (IE things I need to do.) I know I have seen a few made by others on here, but I was wondering if there is an official one. I was told to call MPS but I can't get a human on the phone...
    Any help is great!
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    No honey, I don't think there is an official checklist.
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    I got a check list at airman and family readiness, and one at the mpf where i enrolled in deers, then another from his first shirt.
    I guess it all depends on where you are at haha

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