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Thread: Probably get this question a lot

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    Probably get this question a lot

    But I am slightly on the stupid side. (Ok maybe more than slightly but I'm still in denial )

    So when DH signed us up for Tricare he signed us up for Standard. I liked it because we were 1.5 hours from a base and I didn't want to have to drive all the way up there just for a check up. Now we're in Germany and we went to the briefing of all the Tricare jazz and I didn't think anything about switching prior. But then they were talking about Prime and Standard and now I'm all sorts of confused. From what I can gather Prime they give you a primary physician and you have to continue to go to them unless they give you a refferal. (Correct?) And Standard we can go to anyone but we just pay some or more depending on if they're Tricare approved (Correct?)

    So I guess my question is What are the pros and cons of each. Should we stick with Standard or should we enroll in Prime. And does it matter if we're OCONUS??
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    No, even with standard your dr has to be tricare approved. But yes with prime you are assigned a PMC (primary care manager) and need referrals to see someone outside your primary military facility but there are no co-pays for visits even if you are referred. If you are standard again they need to be tricare approved, but you can choose your own and only have co-pays.

    Those for me are pretty much the pros and cons for each lol.

    I don't know how it works overseas as in not the states (since alaska and hawaii are considered overseas).
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    For overseas I believe you have to be and are automatically re-enrolled as prime. When we were stationed in Italy everyone had to go on base. Luckily, most overseas stations have a hospital so you can be seen for just about anything or have just about anything done in terms of babies and surgery. You will be assigned a PCM but you don't have to book your appointments with them, unless you really like them. Also, if you hate your PCM you can request a new one. I hope this helps and good luck.
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    Your doctor just has to be board cetified on Standard. If they take Tricare as insurance its considered Tricare Extra and has a lower copay.

    Prime is better overseas unless you plan on seeing a German doctor. Technically you can stay on standard but its a lot harder overseas. It's also not recommended.

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