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Thread: Tricare vent

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    Bang Head Tricare vent

    I hate tricare. I am going back to my old insurance as soon as DH gets out. I never had to get a referral and just paid a copay each drs office i went to. Now last friday i went to the ER because I have a possible meniscus tare. My doctors were pretty sure it is due to the xrays. now I have to get an MRI to see how bad it is and if i need surgery. well my doctor sent a request in for this to tricare. he said it should be good to go by today. Tricare is telling me it wont be approved until friday afternoon at the earliest! Then i cant go to the imaging place until Monday. it will take till Thursday to read it. then my Dr has to get my a referral to a orthopedic surgeon. so im looking at the 27th to get all this madness cleared up. not to mention that if I need surgury I have to do it before november 12th. Thats when DH get out. end of vent
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    Tricare is funny with those referrals. It makes me so mad!!
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    OP go back to your DR and have them put in the referal again. Referals can take as little as an afternoon to get approved. If Tricare is still trying to hassal you have your DR call in and talk to them. If that still doesn't work, MRI's are covered under ER visits if it is an emergency and you feel that you are going to loose your ability to use that limb by leaving it untreated for the amount of time. Also every ER has an Ortho on call for every rotation... it is by law that if you go to the ER that Ortho office must see you for a follow up (as long as they take Tricare, if not it is OOP) no more than 7 days from date you were in the ER. (I used to work for a group of Ortho Surg. doing sched. then switched to handeling Insurance claims) You have options.

    I have also taken DD in and had an MRI done of her chest and skull a little over a year ago, even though the ER Dr. said he didn't think it was necessary he gave me the option of having it done which I said yes do it, Tricare didn't flinch nor ask why I didn't go to a MTF (Keesler) instead of going out in town to a civ hospital. They just paid and moved on.

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