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Thread: UGH! This is ticking me off!

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    Bang Head UGH! This is ticking me off!

    Ok. Someone please help.

    I have always had the username/password to his AKO acct. Now all of the sudden I cannot get into it. Does AKO require a new password every few months/days?

    I also received a letter from DH with his Military ID #, which is 20 digits long and a PIN that is 8 digits long. He says this is for my pay...but I can't get it to work.

    Do I really need access to Mypay before he gets home? Do we get LES statements in the mail as well?
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    I have no idea about the ako thing. I do know that sometimes dh's passwords stop working when he tries to log onto military computers for his virtual stuff so it is possible your dh's password expired or he incorrectly tried to log on and it forced him to change it. Also not sure about the mypay unless you are entering it wrong. But unless you really want to see his pay stub you don't ever have to log into mypay. Doing so is good to make sure the pay and everyrhing is right but if you can't til he resets the password or whatever that is fine. But no, they no longer do paper mailings of the LES.
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    For his mypay, remember you have to use the little virtual keypad they give you, not the numbers on your keyboard, that screwed me up the first couple times.
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    Yes for AKO they do have to change the password every so months for security reasons. My dh just sent me an LES in an email if I needed one otherwise I really didnt have to have them. We have a strict budget we follow and I just followed that while he was away and everything was smooth sailing
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    Some websites have changed to CAC card accessible too. Not sure if that is one of them but it's either that or the password was needed to be changed after so many days.

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