If you live in Lincoln Military Housing they have events open to ALL residents.
You receive a monthly newsletter with everything they have going on for that specific month and sometimes for months ahead.

Lincoln Military Residents

Majority of the events are "lottery" style. Meaning-you sign up and they draw names out of a hat. I've had a few ladies tell me they sign up for as many as they can and just see what they get.

All of the events are free, most include childcare if the event does not cater to children and is more for the adults. This makes monthly entertainment costs go down.

They often have pool parties and movie nights in specific housing areas as well and are only for they ones who live in that specific community, making it available to everyone.

I've been living in housing for about 3 months now and just have never gotten around to really reading what events they had, up until today that is. I found 4 events that looked rather fun to me and took the time to go online and enter the lottery.

I was wondering how many people have signed up or attended any of these events. Was it worth going? Have you had bad luck with lottery's?
Which events were your favorites? And which events would you stay away from? Any information would be great.

This is not just for me but any other Lincoln residents who don't know much about the events.