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Thread: New MyCAA announcement?!

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    New MyCAA announcement?!

    Did anyone else get it yet?

    Every announcement they make seems to get more confusing =[
    I've read it over a few time and I was wondering if anyone can help me under stand it.

    Spouses who currently have an active account will be allowed to request financial assistance until Thursday, October 21, 2010. Beginning September 1, 2010, spouses may request financial assistance for classes that have a start date up to January 15, 2011. To ensure adequate time to plan for courses, no career plans will be accepted after August 31, 2010. All currently approved financial assistance documents will be honored.
    Dose this mean we'll still get the $6,000 if we've already been approved for it? Or will it be brought down to $4,000 no matter what?
    That extra $2,000 makes or breaks me getting my degree =[

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    Posted already
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    Yep it's been posted and I'm still confused about it! Argh! I hope I don't lose my remainding funds.

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