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Thread: Operation Love

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    Operation Love

    I don't know if anyone has used this service.....but we did prior to my DH's recent deployment and its great! They will take pre-deployment pictures with your family (or during deployment pics if he's already gone) for free! We got memory book to send to my DH and then a free 8x10 and 50% any other pictures. So when he comes home they will follow us there and take the pictures of his homecoming. I want everyone to know about it because it's wonderful! Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but if you want more info than PM me.
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    We are doing this for the homecoming! I already contacted a photographer in the area. I hope the pics turn out great!
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    aww this site is awesome!
    thanks so much for sharing. i dont know if ill be able to make it to the states for DB homecoming... but i let one of the other girls that im in contact with know about it. hopefully shell be able to do it. thats so cool.

    thanks so much!
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    How long in advance do you need to contact a photographer? I wont know DH's homecoming date for a little while.

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