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Thread: Does Tricare give reccomendations to Dietitians?

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    Does Tricare give reccomendations to Dietitians?

    I need a little help shedding some weight for health reasons. Do they have someone on staff or do I need to look outside of the military?
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    If you need help more then just regular old diet and exercise, I would imagine that your dr. can point you in the right direction. As far as tricare covering that, its really going to depend on the situation and how extreme your case is...
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    I know with the air force we have a place called the HAWC (health and wellness center) they have a dietitian and a workout person and all kinds of other classes you can use for free. You just call them to make an appointment or to see what kind of classes they are offering.
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    Most bases that have medical centers have a registered dietician and IME they were informative and supportive. The last time I checked, Tricare did not cover Dieticians (except when military dep. were getting ready to have Gastric Bypass and did not live near a MTF). I may be wrong, it's been known to happen.

    I have found that calling Tricare and talking to them has been my quickest way to get answers. Right from the horses mouth and all.
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    Yep check your dr for a plan or call your base gym and ask whom they have on staff.

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