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Thread: married in the Navy question

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    married in the Navy question

    Hey all!

    I know a lot of you are married, recently got married (just like us! :0)), or are really serious and could consider getting married.

    I just have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for me. My husband is Navy and a E2, I'm not sure if it matters or not for all of the paperwork stuff.

    We aren't sure the process of how to start everything. We got married last Saturday and have a copy of our marriage license for the Naval Base. I can't get my Social Security card updated until we receive the certified marriage license. Does anyone know if I can still be added to his PG 2 without having a SS card with his last name? I have a valid SS card and drivers license, but won't be able to change either to reflect my new last name until I receive that. Also he was told that we need a copy of my birth certificate to add me to his PG 2. I'm not sure if this is accurate or not.

    Also after getting added to his PG 2, what's the process? I know he needs to sign me up for DEERS and we possibly need my birth certificate for that... And then I'm assuming he can fill out a chit requesting BAH once I'm added to his PG 2?

    We are just trying to get as much of the paperwork done this week before we go to my hometown to pick up a copy of my birth certificate.

    Also, I've been told different things regarding this so I thought I'd ask women who have experienced it. He was told that since we are married once I'm added to his PG 2 that his salary will increase by $1,000 - $2,000 per month not including BAH. Does anyone know if this is correct or not? I did a salary calculator online and it said he'd bump up to $3,000 a month from $1,622 but I wanted to see if that was accurate or not.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't know what the Navy requires to add you into DEERS, but I can answer the last question. No, his salary will not increase just because he is married. The only difference will be BAH and Family Separation Allowance (if he is eligible for that).
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    Once you are entered into DEERS, you will be added to his page2 automatically as a dependant. You wil then need to go to Tricare. Yes they can enter you and give you an ID without your SSN in your husbands name. I didn't even have a SSN when we got married, I was given a temp and just went in and changed it when I did get it and I still use my maiden name for everything non-military related. I am entered in DEERS and Tricare with my husbands last name and my SSN, passport, Greencard, DL, etc is in my maiden name. I just carry a copy of my marriage certificate with me and have never had any problems.

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