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Thread: On Base Housing

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    On Base Housing

    Wondering if someone could help...
    Im marrying my DF in July before he deploys for 12 mo., but I'll be living in NJ with my parents until he gets home and we can settle down at Ft. Hood. If we put our names on the housing list before he deploys and a house comes up while he's still overseas, do I have to move into it alone, or do they just sort of bump me down the list until he gets back?

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    Typically when you go on the housing waiting list you can give them a date and they won't offer you housing prior to that date. This is helpful so that people can move up on the list but still fulfill a lease that they may be locked into. It should be fine for you.
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    i would first call the bases housing office and find out if you need to have POA because i know you need the active duty member's signature on the lease once you actually get the house.
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