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Thread: I need to get my eyes checked

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    I need to get my eyes checked

    My eyes have really been bothering me and I haven't had them checked in about three years, at that point they were only okay but I think they've gotten worse. Does anyone know what tricare prime will cover as far as optometery goes? And where should I go? Do I need to call tricare to find out where I need to go?
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    They cover the exam but you have to pay for any corrective lenses. Oh and I went to Walmart for my lenses and exam.
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    They will cover one eye exam per year (no refferal needed just call around to find a dr that takes tricare, if you live near a base some of the base eye glass places have a dr in them, otherwise they can giv eyou a list of where to go in town)

    A contact exam is not covered, and no glasses or contacts are covered.
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    I have always gone to Walmart, their optometrists have always accepted Tricare and their contacts exam (if you end up needing that as well) was pretty cheap.
    When you call to make an appointment, just ask if they accept Tricare.
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    I was curious about this too as well!! Our walmart here said they don't accept tricare
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    I went to america's best....anywho my vision got worse with each kiddo....

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