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Thread: MyPay question!

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    MyPay question!

    I have to print off a copy of K's LES for proof of income for our new apartment. I logged on today, and it's obviously not the right one. It doesn't have BAH on there, doesn't show he's active duty, nothing. It shows a few funeral details from the Reserves at the beginning of the month.

    The date at the top is 20090501. I would assume that means everything should be current. I'm so confused.... I thought the new ones were supposed to be up already, if pay day is tomorrow.

    They should be up, correct? What do I do since it's obviously not current?
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    The current one should be posted. I think it was posted the 26th. Maybe you can have you SO call Finance. They may be able to help you. Good luck hun

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    try logging out and logging back in later on, it may just be a glitch. The date you posted is the right date for the next paycheck, and the les is up for the next paycheck it was up on the 24th.

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